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Sometimes my head is a huge jumbled up chaotic ball of sheer cray…when that happens sometimes all a girl can do is WRITE! For me writing is a safe way to purge the ole noggin of all those “feels” that you just can’t seem to articulate! So without further ado…


I run

I jump

I scream

I rage

With twisted gnarled hands I claw

The mask is cracking

Yet redemption remains elusive

Everlasting night

Dark and tumultuous

It engulfs me

Surrender is eminent

I’m pulled under

Barely breathing now

Here come the fear

Now the doubt

A cascade of hot wet tears thunder down

The head speaks “let go”

A pounding drum sits beneath my bosom

It rhythmically pleads “hold on”

Head above water

Somehow I holdfast

Another chance granted

Eyes open

A light emerges

My face is warmed

Breath returns



A sigh

And then it comes…Clarity.


(this poem was composed by me…Brandy Hairl…just sayin)

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Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Daily Prompt: Through the Window


Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.



1991_4339733297508_691573439_nWhat most people would see is a gloomy, overcast, dead, dreary day. It rained earlier in the day so there is puddles and it being the end of January the trees and woods near my house are barren. There is dead crunchy leaves everywhere…



When you take a minute to look beyond what you immediately see there is so much to the world around you. What I really saw was our cats playing. Ginger, Bat Cat, and Henrietta are frolicking around the yard, chasing the leaves blowing on this windy day. I see the new baby shoots on my rose bush beginning to come out. I see the hint of green grass poking its bladed head out from under the leafy cover.  I see my strawberry plants starting to grow. I see the sun desperately attempting to win hide n seek with her friends the clouds. The whispering of spring is everywhere…


What I really see is HOPE, PROMISE, and RE-BIRTH on the horizon!







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Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed

Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed

Write your own eulogy.

dearly-departed(Imagine if you will, this playing in a video in a PowerPoint!! I LOVE POWER POINT…)

Thank you for gathering here today to honor my Life. Wait no no.. that’s too formal…hmm..yes give me a second…

Let me begin again…AHEM..WHAT UP BITCHES?!?!?!

Since I haven’t posted on Facebook,blogged, or Tweeted… some of you may assume the worse..that or my unfortunate departure is going viral! (Finally going viral that kicks ASS!) But I digress, so have I in fact kicked the proverbial bucket? Those rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated…wait no really I am dead!

So what can I say about myself…I was born! I lived! I died! I.WAS.AWESOME. Yep that about covers it!!

Enjoy the chicken…and the cake. ESPECIALLY the chocolate Cake…that was my fave!

(Dude…REALLY turn the sad music off…TURN SOME BON JOVI on!!)


Re-blogged: Day 23: My Mom…

Had to share this here too!!!

Brandy Being Grateful...A Gratitude Blog!


Today I am grateful and most blessed to have my mom in my life. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to spend the day with her, and especially for such a momentous day.

Here is a little about my mom…Rhonda, born in September of 53 is a rare gem. She is a what you see, is what you get Loud N Proud Carolina Girl! She doesn’t believe in bs’ing anyone…if she thinks it, you WILL hear it! She is loving, affectionate, and passionate about her beliefs and values. She has always believed in living life to the fullest, being happy with the cards you are dealt, and doing so without regret. She is strong, courageous, and fiercely loyal. She loves openly and selflessly. She is kind and generous, granted she is ferociously protective of what she deems “HERS” and will kick your ass if you mess with it!! My mom has always been colorful…

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Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

       If I could be a master/mistress of any skill in the world it would be MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKINGI am currently pursuing a BS Degree in Health and Wellness. This is my passion.  My desire is to  motivate and educate others on the benefits of healthy living. I want to help others be the healthiest and happiest they can be. Through mind/body practices, contemplative practices for the spirit I long to empower others to find their true authentic self, to learn to live a life from heart-center, and to remove the negative fear-based thinking and replace it with love and positivity. I want to share with others the tools I am learning to use to change my life and make all my goals, dreams, and wishes come to fruition. 


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Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

When I was sixteen I thought I had the world at my feet, I had a solid ten year plan. I had a love of science, reading, and a passion for wanting to help others. My plan was to go to medical school and become a doctor. I was wanted to be a Pediatric Pulmonologist. The love of my life, or so I thought was Tony, boy was I ever wrong on THAT one. I wasn’t part of the popular crowd but had a close tight circle of loyal friends. Like most teens growing up in the 90’s I loved music, MTV, going to the movies, and just hanging out with my friends. 

I knew by the time I was my age now I would have a medical degree from Duke University, and an established medical practice. I would be gloriously happy submerged in my work. I would be dating Tony or maybe another doctor. I never saw myself with children. I was going to be a career woman, free and independent. Money would not be an issue, and fulfillment would come in the form of giving back and helping others. I would have a nice one-story home, a shiny candy apple red corvette, and take two yearly vacations (one to Myrtle Beach, SC and also  The Great Smokey Mtns, NC.) I would help out my family and make sure they didn’t go wanting for anything. I had it all laid out. Best laid plans and all…

OF course the reality of it was I graduated high-school a year early and went off to Newberry College, failed miserably. Being on my own wasn’t as fun and independent as I had once thought. My second semester at Newberry I was bored and lonely and perchance happened to meet the REAL love of my life through a friend of a friend. I fell head over heels, suddenly being in love was more important than college. After dating for two months, in February the man who was to be the love of my life proposed. By April I had dropped out of college and we moved into our first apartment. Right after my birthday in May, we found out I was pregnant. By November we had a beautiful bouncing blue bundle of all boy joy, and I was only 18.


Needless to say my 10 year plan went out the window fast. LIFE HAPPENED. Suddenly being a mom and a wife was more important and all consuming, I loved every minute of it. Today I finally own my own home, the one I share with said love of my life (of which we have been married 20 years now…) that same bouncing bundle of male joy (who is now 19), a wonderfully bright and beautiful girl (she is almost 16), and two fur-babies. Our house is a mobile home, we are a one car family (an SUV, not a corvette), and I am a Respiratory Therapist rather than a doctor. I am back in college now trying to get my Bachelors in Health and Wellness. I still have dreams of giving back and helping others, but just in a different capacity. It’s really funny how that independent chick from the 90’s that never wanted kids, now can’t imagine her life without them. They are the inspiration for all I do and strive for, they are my biggest achievement.

Do I have regrets? No! How can you long for and miss things you never had?!? My life is wonderful. I am happy. Enough said…


Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen 

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Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?
Who hasn’t broke the rules?! As I sit here and reflect on the last 37 years old my life…I realize I am just plain ole boring! LOL (Well that and somethings just shouldn’t ever be spoken of…AGAIN) The most recent incident I can think of was about 8-9 months ago. It was a beautiful sunny morning, the kids were off at school, Jason was working, and I was home alone. I had begun my day, doing some house work, prepping for dinner, and was about to exercise. I went into the bedroom and got undressed. There I stand in all my naked glory. The phone rings so I step into the living room to see who it is…I talk a few minutes then hang up. I walk back into the bedroom grab my workout DVD, take it back to the living room to pop in the DVD player so I can get through the warnings and such. Meanwhile as I am standing in front of the couch, I get a text msg, this grabs my attention….of course I am still naked and standing in front of my window, the curtain slightly open. Oblivious to some one walking or riding by my house, I hear someone yell from outside “Hey maybe you should put some clothes on!” Mortified, I hop behind the closed part of the curtain. Then I peek outside, of course no one was immediately in view, guess they moved on after the “friendly” warning. Of course I was petrified, my mind jumped into panic mode….”what if I flashed a kid” or “what if this person is calling the cops for me flashing them.” I worked myself into a frenzy! Later that day, my husband arrived home to me wigging out! I told him the story and all he did was laugh and hug me. Then of course the kids came home and HE TOLD THEM…then they had a ball with that story!
Everything turned out just fine, the only negative was my wounded ego.  But no indecent exposure complaints were filed!! 😛
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Simply Being Brandy…

JMTM 20 silhouette

This picture was taken this morning….its is for my Instagram January Moments that Matter Event I am participating in all month! Today’s theme was “Silhouette”



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Last Year, the Harpy Returns, and my PSA…

This is interesting, last time I actually blogged here was in September 2012 when I had just gotten out of the hospital and was all Harpy Cray Cray on steroids!! Ahhh…FULL CIRCLE! (makes an imaginary circle with her fingers in the air!)

I feel as though I should make a PSA….I am hyped up on Steroids. I’m warning everyone, I will be BLOWING UP the blogs and social media feeds! Expect thrills, chills, bitchiness (as evidenced by the ass-waffle that my Harpy tried to EAT in the breakfast aisle in Walmart Friday…), FULL-ON Harpy mode (AKA Roid Rage..), as well as a plethora of emotional outbursts, cryptic messages, and a smidge of random-ness for good measure!!!


Those closest to me would be wise to take away my Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter privileges for the next two weeks!!! Just sayin…


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I am a Mega-Wattage Energy Ball…

I’m really blessed that I haven’t had to be on steroids (IV Solumedrol or Prednisone) in over a year and a half, they are a necessary evil for me on occasion, having chronic bronchial asthma and all. The benefits definitely outweigh all the awful side-effects, as it is a good thing to be able to breathe. But DAMN the side effects are horrible!!! Today I have the the swelling going on, swollen mid-section and face and have already put on nearly 5 lbs from fluid retention in just 4 days. AGHHHHHHHHHH….i think this is the worst part for me back-tracking on my weight-loss!!! Then there are the REALLY REALLY bad mood swings, the ravenous food cravings, and NOW I am this huge ball of mega-wattage energy that feels the need to clean every inch of my house. Granted I know that I need to relax and take it easy but all I am compelled to do is get up and move move move move move.


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