Being Brandy


I am a Mega-Wattage Energy Ball…

on September 18, 2012

I’m really blessed that I haven’t had to be on steroids (IV Solumedrol or Prednisone) in over a year and a half, they are a necessary evil for me on occasion, having chronic bronchial asthma and all. The benefits definitely outweigh all the awful side-effects, as it is a good thing to be able to breathe. But DAMN the side effects are horrible!!! Today I have the the swelling going on, swollen mid-section and face and have already put on nearly 5 lbs from fluid retention in just 4 days. AGHHHHHHHHHH….i think this is the worst part for me back-tracking on my weight-loss!!! Then there are the REALLY REALLY bad mood swings, the ravenous food cravings, and NOW I am this huge ball of mega-wattage energy that feels the need to clean every inch of my house. Granted I know that I need to relax and take it easy but all I am compelled to do is get up and move move move move move.



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