Being Brandy


Last Year, the Harpy Returns, and my PSA…

on January 19, 2013

This is interesting, last time I actually blogged here was in September 2012 when I had just gotten out of the hospital and was all Harpy Cray Cray on steroids!! Ahhh…FULL CIRCLE! (makes an imaginary circle with her fingers in the air!)

I feel as though I should make a PSA….I am hyped up on Steroids. I’m warning everyone, I will be BLOWING UP the blogs and social media feeds! Expect thrills, chills, bitchiness (as evidenced by the ass-waffle that my Harpy tried to EAT in the breakfast aisle in Walmart Friday…), FULL-ON Harpy mode (AKA Roid Rage..), as well as a plethora of emotional outbursts, cryptic messages, and a smidge of random-ness for good measure!!!


Those closest to me would be wise to take away my Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter privileges for the next two weeks!!! Just sayin…



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