Being Brandy


Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

on January 20, 2013

Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?
Who hasn’t broke the rules?! As I sit here and reflect on the last 37 years old my life…I realize I am just plain ole boring! LOL (Well that and somethings just shouldn’t ever be spoken of…AGAIN) The most recent incident I can think of was about 8-9 months ago. It was a beautiful sunny morning, the kids were off at school, Jason was working, and I was home alone. I had begun my day, doing some house work, prepping for dinner, and was about to exercise. I went into the bedroom and got undressed. There I stand in all my naked glory. The phone rings so I step into the living room to see who it is…I talk a few minutes then hang up. I walk back into the bedroom grab my workout DVD, take it back to the living room to pop in the DVD player so I can get through the warnings and such. Meanwhile as I am standing in front of the couch, I get a text msg, this grabs my attention….of course I am still naked and standing in front of my window, the curtain slightly open. Oblivious to some one walking or riding by my house, I hear someone yell from outside “Hey maybe you should put some clothes on!” Mortified, I hop behind the closed part of the curtain. Then I peek outside, of course no one was immediately in view, guess they moved on after the “friendly” warning. Of course I was petrified, my mind jumped into panic mode….”what if I flashed a kid” or “what if this person is calling the cops for me flashing them.” I worked myself into a frenzy! Later that day, my husband arrived home to me wigging out! I told him the story and all he did was laugh and hug me. Then of course the kids came home and HE TOLD THEM…then they had a ball with that story!
Everything turned out just fine, the only negative was my wounded ego.  But no indecent exposure complaints were filed!! 😛

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