Being Brandy


Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

on January 21, 2013

When I was sixteen I thought I had the world at my feet, I had a solid ten year plan. I had a love of science, reading, and a passion for wanting to help others. My plan was to go to medical school and become a doctor. I was wanted to be a Pediatric Pulmonologist. The love of my life, or so I thought was Tony, boy was I ever wrong on THAT one. I wasn’t part of the popular crowd but had a close tight circle of loyal friends. Like most teens growing up in the 90’s I loved music, MTV, going to the movies, and just hanging out with my friends. 

I knew by the time I was my age now I would have a medical degree from Duke University, and an established medical practice. I would be gloriously happy submerged in my work. I would be dating Tony or maybe another doctor. I never saw myself with children. I was going to be a career woman, free and independent. Money would not be an issue, and fulfillment would come in the form of giving back and helping others. I would have a nice one-story home, a shiny candy apple red corvette, and take two yearly vacations (one to Myrtle Beach, SC and also  The Great Smokey Mtns, NC.) I would help out my family and make sure they didn’t go wanting for anything. I had it all laid out. Best laid plans and all…

OF course the reality of it was I graduated high-school a year early and went off to Newberry College, failed miserably. Being on my own wasn’t as fun and independent as I had once thought. My second semester at Newberry I was bored and lonely and perchance happened to meet the REAL love of my life through a friend of a friend. I fell head over heels, suddenly being in love was more important than college. After dating for two months, in February the man who was to be the love of my life proposed. By April I had dropped out of college and we moved into our first apartment. Right after my birthday in May, we found out I was pregnant. By November we had a beautiful bouncing blue bundle of all boy joy, and I was only 18.


Needless to say my 10 year plan went out the window fast. LIFE HAPPENED. Suddenly being a mom and a wife was more important and all consuming, I loved every minute of it. Today I finally own my own home, the one I share with said love of my life (of which we have been married 20 years now…) that same bouncing bundle of male joy (who is now 19), a wonderfully bright and beautiful girl (she is almost 16), and two fur-babies. Our house is a mobile home, we are a one car family (an SUV, not a corvette), and I am a Respiratory Therapist rather than a doctor. I am back in college now trying to get my Bachelors in Health and Wellness. I still have dreams of giving back and helping others, but just in a different capacity. It’s really funny how that independent chick from the 90’s that never wanted kids, now can’t imagine her life without them. They are the inspiration for all I do and strive for, they are my biggest achievement.

Do I have regrets? No! How can you long for and miss things you never had?!? My life is wonderful. I am happy. Enough said…


Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen 


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