Being Brandy



Sometimes my head is a huge jumbled up chaotic ball of sheer cray…when that happens sometimes all a girl can do is WRITE! For me writing is a safe way to purge the ole noggin of all those “feels” that you just can’t seem to articulate! So without further ado…


I run

I jump

I scream

I rage

With twisted gnarled hands I claw

The mask is cracking

Yet redemption remains elusive

Everlasting night

Dark and tumultuous

It engulfs me

Surrender is eminent

I’m pulled under

Barely breathing now

Here come the fear

Now the doubt

A cascade of hot wet tears thunder down

The head speaks “let go”

A pounding drum sits beneath my bosom

It rhythmically pleads “hold on”

Head above water

Somehow I holdfast

Another chance granted

Eyes open

A light emerges

My face is warmed

Breath returns



A sigh

And then it comes…Clarity.


(this poem was composed by me…Brandy Hairl…just sayin)

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